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Protect your property from surface flood water with

         Most air bricks on buildings are close to the ground, and so are  most vunerable as the first port of entry for rising surface water. With an average air brick capable of passing up to 500 litres per hour, multiply that by the number of air bricks you have, it does not take long before you have a disaster on your hands either immediately or any time later in the form of rising damp, wet rot, mould etc so called secondary flooding. 

   For insurance and peace of mind it makes sense to invest a small amount now in the form of flood protection rather than risk vast expense and upheaval in repairs later. Join our many satisfied customers (see testimonials) . We want to build on our reputation for excellent service and a good quality  product at probably the lowest prices around.

We provide metal air brick covers  for standard external wall terracotta airbrick patterns as shown below. The square hole pattern comes in two sizes, single and double.
Which are yours 8 or 9 hole?
Please tell us whether your square hole air bricks have  8 or 9 holes per row, so that we can supply the appropriate cover.


Vertical slot



Square hole



  Square hole


Below are the corresponding covers



230mm x 85mm

Price £7.85 ea




220mm x 65mm

Price £6.75 ea



220mm x 140 mm

Price £8.40 ea


Each  cover is tailormade to suit the individual air brick
Manufactured from  solid metal,  with a  EPDM  waterproof  seal  backing
Steel bolt fastening, Simple to fit and dismantle .
No drilling required.
Provides immediate protection
Repeated usability. 


leaves no tell tale sign when not in use.

Peace of mind and very good value. 

  Easy to follow instructions included.


How to place an order

For a prompt response to enquiries or to place an order, please email us with your requirements. We shall get back to you with a firm price & delivery including packing and postage and method of payment.

Open 7 days a week


Twelve months manufacturers guarantee. will not be held responsible for incorrect self-installation of product.



 I received the air brick covers  and I just wanted to thank you for the great service and excellent products you provide. I have fitted a few of the covers to the more inaccessible places in my house and I am very impressed with them. I particularly like the method of fitting. Very ingenious.
Thanks again for your help
Trevor Mayhew
"The service I received from you was first rate, and the product is excellent.  Before final purchase, I fabricated a test jig and on testing your airbrick cover was impressed with the seal and the simplicity of the product.  I have now fitted these in place around my house, and have no hesitation in recommending the product."  Mr. D.Gove Arbroath

"The supply service was excellent with the prompt delivery most appreciated. Instructions were clear and concise. Installation was quick as was the subsequent removal. The seal provided appeared to be excellent although fortunately it wasn't tested in anger. The appearance when fitted is not obtrusive and not ugly on the eye. All in all I am very pleased with the air brick covers,particularly that they can be easily removed and reused. I have had no hesitation in recommending them to my neighbours." Colin Moore  

"I have installed the airbrick covers and I am extremely pleased with not only the ease in which they install, (a very simple but ingenious idea), but also with their efficiency. Having looked at all the others available on the market I chose these because of their low price. I am relieved that for once, cheaper is better. They do the job and do it well. Thank you" Phil Fieldhouse Shetland.

"I bought the covers to restrict underfloor draughts in winter - and they have been very effective for this. They were also easy to install and very competitively priced".                                     Mr.P. Parsons Harwich. Essex 2010

"The airbrick covers I purchased were bought as a contingency and will only be fitted if the need arises so I can't really comment on their efficacy, however, in principle, they appear fit for purpose on a trial fitting. They are well constructed and compare very favourably on price with other products of a similar ilk. The customer relations and service was excellent as the covers needed to be manufactured to our own airbrick specification. Given the opportunity I would recommend the product to others. Nevertheless, it is my sincere hope that the covers remains boxed and are never called into use! "                                                  Mr. D.Anderson Morpeth Northumberland 2010

"I am more than happy to endorse your service and the quality of your products. Great value, well made, simple to fix and a quick efficient service. Your Air Brick Covers give me peace of mind, although I hope never to need to use them! "                             Mr. David Thorp, Anlaby Nr Hull

 "After a recent flood entered my home via the airbricks, I decided to investigate cover options; has supplied all my needs in an efficient & friendly manner with an easy- to- fit, quality product at a fraction of the price other companies are charging.Thank you"                                  Mr. Gavin Berry, Dundee

   " Compared to the ridiculous priced stainless ones from your competitor these are a  well thought out product and your  method to attach them is effortless. Many thanks".                    Mr. J.A.Greenway   St Albans 

"The covers from are simple, well made and strong.They are easy to fit and will last a lifetime. They are much better quality than others we have tried and are also much better value. To top it all Mike is a really nice guy who gets the covers sent out really I would not hesitate to recommend him and his covers."    Mr. GJR, Suffolk 

"I was impressed with the simplicity of the design and how easy they were to fix to the air bricks. Thankfully, I haven't needed to use the air brick covers on our house as yet, so don't know how they will work in practice but I feel confident that they will do the job".  Mr. M.Venton   Hull  

"Thanks for your reply, it is cetainly nice to find a company that has someone as helpful as you are working for them. I am going to do as you say and have a go myself, but thanks for saying that if I get stuck to come back to you.Again, thanks for all your help".   RS.Scottish Highlands


Did you know?

  Flooding costs homeowners on average 28 times as much as being burgled and four times as much as a house fire. Despite this, just 6% of UK households have taken steps to protect their home from flooding.
           Around 5 million people in the UK live in areas at risk of flooding.

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